About the Artist

In the StudioI came to doll making by a somewhat circuitous route. My early interests revolved around science and I completed my education with a PhD in microbiology, did some laboratory research and went into clinical laboratory administration. It was a wonderful career.

When I left the laboratory other interests, long dormant, resurfaced. I became re-acquainted with my sewing machine and unearthed my fabric stash and started making cloth dolls and stuffed animals. I took a class in porcelain doll making and happily created reproduction dolls, both modern and antique, for several years. I made my first original doll in l998. For me it has been a fascinating journey and each doll teaches me something new and wonderful. Every doll challenges you to be a better sculptor, a more realistic painter, cobbler, milliner, costume designer, seamstress, hairdresser and engineer.

My work has been featured in DOLLS Magazine, Doll Collector Magazine, Doll Castle News and the former DollReader. I have published articles in DollCrafter Magazine as well as Doll Costuming, unfortunately both now defunct. My ladies have been nominated for Dolls award of Excellence three times in recent years. I am a member of the UFDC. I have been elected to artist membership in ODACA, Original Doll Artist Council of America. I am pleased and proud to be part of this prestigious organization and in the company of such talented and diverse artists.

4722 Huron Hill Okemos, MI 48864 517-349-2471