About Ms Mollie O Porcelain Art Dolls

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All my dolls are adult women in the prime of their life. They showcase many different periods in history and various cultures through accurate representation of historic costume and ethnic dress. I hope my dolls evoke a sense of elegance, intelligence, dignity and serenity.

Doll FaceDesign

Each doll, whether one of a kind or part of a limited edition, is individually created and each is a unique design. The largest edition is 7 dolls from the same head mold. No two dolls are ever alike as each is refined after the porcelain casting is removed from the mold. I paint each face as an individual and select body and hands to express the personality.

Creating the doll

I choose to work in porcelain because no other material matches the look and feel of porcelain. The time consuming process of modeling the body parts, making molds, refining the castings and multiple kiln firings is well worth the effort. My porcelain ladies are pose able. They turn and tilt their heads and their arms may be moved. The stands are designed to support the doll without interfering with the costume whether the doll is seated or standing.


Doll - dress close upHere is where I get to indulge my interest in historic costume and ethnic dress. Painstaking research and attention to detail goes into each costume. Antique fabric, lace, buttons and trim are used whenever possible. Underwear is an important part of any lady’s wardrobe and fine cotton, silk and lace is used to construct proper under things appropriate to the fashion period of the costume. Although modern construction techniques are used, care is taken to recreate the weight and drape of each costume through the use of muslin underlining, boning, laced closures, drawstrings and linings. Natural fiber fabrics are used almost exclusively.

Wigs are designed and created specifically for each lady. I use top quality mohair to construct hand-sewn wigs that are then styled to reflect the period of the costume.


Doll Accessory Mirror

Court slippers, boots and shoes are handcrafted of fine leather or fabric to compliment the costume. Hats, purses, parasols and fans are also created to accurately reflect the period of the costume.  Jewelry for each lady is created from semiprecious stones, gold and silver, beads and other findings.

Doll Accessory Shoes Doll Accessory Fan
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